Solid Rock Food Closet

The Roaring Gap Foundation grant was used to purchase food to support the Food Closet’s clients and their Backpack Program for children.


Alleghany County School System

The Roaring Gap Foundation 1) funds teacher and principal of the year awards to spotlight outstanding mentoring, 2) helps enhance learning by purchasing curriculum and other teacher resources, 3) provides funds for student enrichment such as a Barter Theatre play, and 4) provides free books for children at school literacy night events.


Alleghany Wellness Center

The Roaring Gap Foundation provided scholarships for those needing assistance who were referred by the local health department or social services. 


Alleghany Partnership for Children

The Foundation supports this community organization that provides essential services for Alleghany residents.


Scholarships for Alleghany Students

Scholarships for Alleghany County residents are one of our biggest budget items.  Scholarships are available for qualified Alleghany County students with priority given to Roaring Gap Club employees.

The Roaring Gap Foundation awarded $97,000 in scholarships for the 2023/24 academic year.


Alleghany Education Foundation

The Foundation made its first three-year commitment to the AEF to support their new Trojan Trax program within the school system.This program provides mentors for every student in Alleghany County schools beginning in 8th grade. The program is designed to 1) get more students to pursue education beyond high school and 2) get more students who return to Alleghany County to work.


Sparta UMC Literacy Camp

The Foundation contributed to the staff salaries for this 4-week summer camp dedicated to improving literacy in Alleghany County. 


Surry and Wilkes Community Colleges

The RGF grants scholarships for Alleghany County residents, including curriculum and continuing education courses. In addition, it supports a food pantry at the Wilkes CC site in Sparta.


Alleghany JAM

The Junior Appalachian Musicians (JAM) program enriches young lives through the preservation and practice of traditional music. 


FUSION Teen Program

FUSION promotes a safe environment for social interaction and personal development. The RG Foundation provides funds for mentor training and support.


Alleghany CARES

The RGF made a significant contribution to provide 96 children with vouchers for new clothes.  Alleghany CARES operates a thrift store in Sparta for low-cost purchases, and proceeds go to assist county residents in their times of need. 


Western Youth Network

Western Youth Network offers after school services and youth services for at-risk youth in Western NC. The RGF contributed to programs supporting the Afterschool program in Alleghany County.


Check out this video showing some of the organizations we support!

When you hear the success stories, it inspires you to either volunteer your time or resources to something that can have an even greater impact. And I know there’s more that we can do — there’s so much more that we can do.

John Sensenbrenner

Former RGF Board Member

I could not put into words how grateful I am for what they’ve done for me. I come from a family that could not have done it otherwise. And their contribution made that possible.


Scholarship Recipient